Little Women, By Louisa May Alcott

Some may say ‘Little Women’ is a children’s book, but can a classic novel written so perfectly, be subjected for just one age group? Well, I don’t think so…

Little women follows the lives of four young girls- Jo, Amy, Beth and Meg- and effortlessly transports the reader back to the 19th century. The reader, such as I was, is taken on a momentous journey and with out a doubt discovers what life was really like for an ordinary family living in this era. Also exposed is typical gender roles, such as these young girls had to conform by and the book sets out how the basis of traditional family worked together throughout even the hardest times.

Despite this, I  began to feel a sense of warmth and love from this book, which was unquestionably conveyed via the four girls compassion for one another. Yet, you get to know them each extremely well and can easily differentiate them apart through their four different, striking personalities- for example: tomboy Jo; Amy whose interests lie with vanity; quiet yet musically minded Beth and the eldest of the four Meg.

Albeit, seen as this is a book review, I must venture on the grounds of critique. My main criticism of the book would be that it took a very long time for me to get into it. I’m not entirely sure if this was a personal problem I encountered, however it did not stop me reading the whole book and should defiantly not put others off also! You must persevere!

To end, Little Women is a great read and ultimately teaches a very important lesson, this being that if you want to peruse something you can always do it. Similarly the idea of triumph over adversity and how you should let nothing stop in your way…

I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship”. 

Rated: 5 Star!


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