War Horse- Michael Morpurgo

After being assigned a piece of coursework by my English teacher, my task was to go away to find a book to use as a model for my own piece of creative writing. This came as great excitement to me- for I love writing my own stories and it was something different to do in lesson time, however my troubles lay in finding the perfect book to almost imitate for my own piece of writing.

My friends all snapped up their ideas instantly using authors renowned for their monologues such as: Alan Bennett and also children’s classics for example: ‘Alice in Wonderland’, using these to their advantage in order to cover issues such as OCD, mental health and so on.

Nonetheless, I began to grow more and more impatient, until I came across Michael Morpurgo’s ‘War Horse’, after flipping through only a few pages, it became clear that this was the book for me and I admired all his creative devises which he used in order to set the scenes and follow through to convey the emotions of the story just right.

I went away, read and annotated my particular favorite sections of the book and started to write continually. In the end I was left with a piece of writing on homelessness based around the emotions and friendship of Joey and Albert.

The book itself I truly enjoyed- it told a journey of friendship whilst incorporating sadness and loss throughout. It also, hence the title, covered war and gave an insight into how horrific it was for both soldiers and even animals- thus meaning the book had a great deal of lengthy descriptive passages. Moreover, sadness was a key theme throughout, so I would not recommend it to those who hate sad stories.

However, the ending was a big surprise also and I really enjoyed it ending on a happy note, something I thought it would not be, leaving me guessing throughout.

Some of the story did become a bit repetitive and I was tempted to put it down, but I still carried on.

After reading War Horse, I went on to buy another of Morpurgo’s books. This was ‘Listen to the Moon’, I also found this rather good and read it with the same enthusiasm I did with War Horse.


“He smoothed my back first and then my neck, talking all the while about […] how I would grow up to be the smartest horse in the whole wide world”

4 Star!


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