The Philosophy of Snoopy

Everyone has heard of Snoopy.  Charlie Brown.  Or even Lucy. The Peanuts Movie graced our screens in 2015 and the snoopy phenomenon has really taken off. However, has anyone ever read any of the snoopy books? I recently bought the Philosophy of Snoopy, it is a small red book detailed with all the different comic strips on “how to live your life” according to snoopy. Albeit it doesn’t stop there, there is also similar related which you must collect in order to complete the set. There is: The Wisdom of Woodstock and even Charlie Brown’s Guide to Happiness. They are each great and are really light hearted. I then wanted to see more about the comic and how it was created. After a lot of searching I found Snoopy’s Guide to the writing life. It is truly great, it gives tips on how to write your own book; it talks about Charles Schultz and gives general advice on how to write to your best ability by breaking it down into simple and easy steps. It is the perfect book for any aspiring writers or those generally interested in how the characters were created and more about the famous author.

5 star!

Snoopy, it’s never easy. When the words don’t come, try talking to yourself using any kind of mnemonic device to get yourself going, scribbling phrases, automatic writing, anything, but get something down. Then you go back and take a hard look with a more critical eye.”


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